Intracorp Homes is a Vancouver-based company that develops housing communities across the US. They have built townhouse communities all around the Seattle area – from Shoreline to Newcastle to Beacon Hill. Aesthetic has worked with Intracorp Homes to both capture the communities that they build and showcase the neighborhoods that surround them to give potential buyers an idea of what their new region could look like.

taylor ridge 8
taylor ridge 4
taylor ridge 3
taylor ridge 1
intracorphomes shoreline 7
intracorphomes shoreline 6
intracorphomes shoreline 2
intracorphomes shoreline 1
intracorphomes beaconhill 4
intracorphomes autumn
intracorphomes beaconhill 1
taylor ridge 11
taylor ridge 10
taylor ridge 9
taylor ridge 7
taylor ridge 6
taylor ridge 5
seattle city
intracorphomes shoreline 5
intracorphomes shoreline 3
intracorphomes beaconhill 3
intracorphomes beaconhill 2


CLIENT: Intracorp Homes Washington

TASK: 4 photoshoots (Intracorp communities and neighborhoods)